Analytics,Planning & Reporting

SAP Analytics Cloud

A reporting and planning platform for SAP and non-SAP data & processes

Decisions based on intelligent analyses

Reliable information gathering and company-wide integrated planning processes

Make the right decisions for your company based on data and the situation -.
the real-time evaluation of contextual information with SAP Analytics Cloud enables exactly that.
By combining the evaluation of historical data and the calculation of trend developments, the resulting conclusions and decisions take on a whole new quality.
SAP Analytics Cloud fuses functionalities of the long-proven SAP BI system with enterprise-wide, so-called cooperative, business planning, forecasting tools and machine learning technologies.

One platform for consistent user experience

Put an end to isolated planning tools, data redundancy and different authorization concepts

Enable your users to use a fully integrated self-service platform with consistent user experience by embedding it in their familiar work environment.
You can provide board members and management, as well as the individual departments in your company, with meaningful and intuitive key performance indicators and graphics via SAP Digital Boardroom, enabling them to display, monitor and analyze past events, as well as operational business and simulated future scenarios. The embedding in the company processes also enables immediate reaction in day-to-day business in case of undesired deviations and developments.
It can also be used on mobile devices.
Merging internal and external data into a common data model simplifies the handling of this data and ensures a better understanding of business logic and semantics. This enables users with less technical backgrounds to operate the SAP Analytics Cloud as a self-service.
SAP Analytics Cloud allows for a hybrid system approach. This means that your data does not have to be loaded into the cloud, as you can connect your on-premise systems to the SAP Analytics Cloud with a live connection.

Best Practice Approach

Fast implementation through preconfigured content for mechanical engineering

The SAP Analytics Cloud is designed in such a way that a great deal of result can be achieved with relatively little effort.
This means that it is possible to implement preconfigured dashboards for specific industries or business areas with little effort.
At the same time, comprehensive data management ensures consistency of data models.

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