Analytics,Planning & Reporting

Analytics, Planning & Reporting

With a cloud-based SAP HANA solution for optimized sales and production planning

Optimized planning for better results

Digital transformation in supply chain - into the future with demand-driven inventory planning

Today's volatile and complex markets and sometimes uncertain situations make it difficult to plan requirements and assess risks.
Making a decision without being able to really grasp the effects of various influencing factors thus appears to be a hurdle that is difficult to overcome.

It makes the difference between continuity and production stoppage and is therefore at the heart of the manufacturing industry. SAP IBP is an integrated planning tool that combines various influencing factors with your financial and operational planning, as well as your business strategies, thus enabling collaborative planning.

  • Enterprise-wide what-if scenarios
  • Match supply and demand in real time
  • Simulate market situations and scenarios
  • Cost-oriented, volume-oriented, customer-oriented, or a combination
  • Forecast market conditions and product acceptance
  • Monitor actual performance
  • Optimize internal communication channels
  • Reduce operational and planning silos
  • Unify internal departmental goals
  • Data-driven reactions instead of gut reaction

Get to ROI fast

Achieve measurable results within months

Due to the comparatively fast implementation, you can already determine the benefits through SAP IBP after a short time.
For example, it is possible to sustainably increase profitability by improving customer service while reducing inventories and waste.
At the same time, you can significantly shorten the decision-making process because all information and data can be captured and analyzed automatically. Do it as soon as the information is obtained, not when the impact is already being felt.
Centralize the goals of individual teams by integrating SAP IBP across the enterprise. By focusing on goals and reducing friction, it is possible to significantly improve collaboration across departments.  


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