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For a secure future

Imagine a world where your company can solve problems before they occur - a world where the unexpected becomes predictable. Imagine being able to deal with inconveniences such as delivery delays during transport by receiving live information about every step of the journey.

With new technologies and our professional and technical expertise, we can develop individual solutions for the ever-increasing planning uncertainties, especially in the current times, and thus protect you from production losses.

IoT - Solutions

The often-mentioned Internet-of-Things (IoT) is still a big black box for many companies.

What exactly is behind it? And above all: what do you have to do with it?

IoT solutions change the way you do business and solve problems. It opens up completely new possibilities for your company - possibilities that are not always apparent at first glance.


With everything connected, the need for adequate security has never been more important.

Development Platform

It's important to choose the right platform from the start to ensure that your development grows quickly to meet not only your current needs, but also future requirements


Cloud solutions give you the ability to quickly adapt your system to growing needs without hardware changes.

Data Transfer

Because the IoT produces large amounts of data, it is important to take the necessary steps when transmitting data to ensure that no bottlenecks occur.

Consumer Apps

The applications that process a large amount of IoT data must be able to handle the growing amount of data and changing sensors.

Data Processing

To make the most of real-time data, you need a system that can process this amount of data in RAM. SAP Hana offers the perfect solution.

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