Unifying application development, AI, data analytics and integration on a multi-cloud foundation (iPaaS).

Face the technological and business challenges

With the possibilities created by cloud providers such as AWS, Azure and SAP, you can put your business on a new footing. Use cloud services to adapt core processes to new requirements, both technologically and operationally.
At the same time, you decide at any time whether the use of a hybrid system deployment, a pure on-premise landscape or a full cloud model should be your new strategic operating model.

Harmonization of internal and cross-company business processes

  • Real-time processing for accelerated information delivery in customer, employee and partner environments 
  • Generation and renewal of processes with agile API-supported integration 
  • Integration of applications within complex application landscapes and partner networks 

Prioritized handling of cross-system and cross-service business processes

  • Support for DevOps and simplification of life-cycle management of integration structures .
  • Optimization of integrations between freely selectable, SAP and third-party applications with presets of integrations and connectors 
  • Systematic alignment in conjunction with provided, integrated guidance to address classic integration challenges 

Integrated end-to-end processes

  • Mapping and optimization of cross-system and cross-company processes for a consistent overview
  • Identification of potential scenarios for your applications, modules and technologies

Integration of third-party software solutions and systems

  • Versatile coverage of technical requirements for specific enterprise IT landscapes .
  • Realization scenarios adapted to digitization and multi-cloud strategy to reduce complexity and effort for integrating different processes and endpoints 
  • Application integration of third-party and legacy systems, public cloud and data lakes, B2B solutions and SAP applications 

Efficient use of data through centralization of applications, services and data sources

  • Simplified workflows with AI-powered development and recommendations built into tools .
  • Reliably deliver integrations through an SAP-managed native cloud environment 
  • Realize AI-powered business-to-business integrations using popular electronic data interchange libraries and the Acknowledgment Framework 
  • Preserving data structures and context in increasingly complex IT environments 

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