Process Management

A more effective value chain through optimized business processes

Best possible use of existing information and resources

In order to ensure that defined corporate goals are achieved, optimally coordinated corporate processes are required along the entire value chain.

Relevant processes therefore include not only internal processes, but also intercompany processes, processes along the supply chain and after-sales processes.

Invest the time in analyzing existing processes, because sometimes it turns out that old tried-and-tested things should be overhauled in order to continue to survive in global and highly volatile markets.

Do you need external support?

As a neutral party, we guide you through this important process in a structured manner and competently support you and your teams in identifying optimization potential and developing new, lean, optimized processes.

Process optimization in the warranty process

Do you produce or distribute products for which you provide a warranty? Then you know the challenges of this arbitrarily detailed process.

It's a long road from warranty claim, to claim review, to billing/credit memo, which can even include intercompany processes as well as processes with suppliers. So it may be necessary to check contracts, availabilities and delivery times across different systems.

For this reason, we have developed a GWL portal, a flexible, fully integrated application that enables you to centrally process your GWL requests in their entirety and, if desired, also maps the process all the way to the end customer.  

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