SAP Activate

An agile implementation methodology for an optimal start to SAP S/4HANA.

Agile and innovation-focused implementation projects

SAP Activate describes an innovative and adaptive framework that combines SAP best practices, agile methodology, and guided configuration.

Regardless of your initial situation, whether a new implementation, a system conversion or a transformation of the system landscape, Activate serves as a support for the transition of your current system to SAP S/4HANA.

Why agile?

An agile development or project management style allows us and you to break down a project into individual tasks that are then worked on one at a time. This approach allows the individual tasks to prioritize which parts of the project or development should be worked on first.

A major advantage of this incremental way of working is the ability to identify errors early in the development phase so that they can be quickly and easily adjusted or stopped, and the backlog can then be easily updated.

Measurable benefit of an agile project with Scrum

An agile project approach with Scrum allows us to work much more closely with the customer to achieve exactly the result you expect and, most importantly, need.  In addition, you have a clear overview of the current project status and potential problems at all times.

You can thus quickly change or adjust the direction of the project to meet ever-changing needs and take into account any bottlenecks that may arise.

With the different time windows, scrum provides more transparency for all project participants and know-how can be shared at any time.

Since the project is worked on in stages, we can hand over the first project results and features within a very short time.

SAP Activate - value and quality controls throughout the project

The stages of SAP Activate span the entire project lifecycle.
Integrated value and quality controls are designed to ensure that the solution delivers the expected value.

The potential savings in terms of project costs and duration that this framework offers is a key argument for implementing your SAP project using the SAP Activate method.

By closely monitoring the results, project quality and project success can be continuously improved.

Focus on the end user

The agile approach, puts the focus on the end user. This ensures that the business processes are implemented according to customer requirements.

The intensive involvement of users during the Realize phase can increase user acceptance of the new, partially unknown system even before GoLive. The execution of unit tests, string tests, integration tests and user acceptance tests enables early work with the new system, so that system behavior and navigation through the processes is carried out in parallel with the testing of the implemented system configuration and, if necessary, the configuration can be optimized at this early stage.