SAP Business Technology Platform

A standardized basis for all SAP solutions and products

Recognizing and releasing business potential

SAP BTP is a cloud-based unified and open data and development platform for the entire SAP environment. Use this standardized basis for all SAP solutions and products to enable the processing of data in multi-layered constructs, even in complex IT environments. 


  • Uniform SAP user experience and optimized usability

  • simplified handling of cross-system and cross-service business processes 

  • Uncomplicated realization of development and enhancement projects outside your SAP core system 


Economic edge

  • Cost savings in hardware and operating costs .
  • Shorter development times for your cloud projects
  • Faster and more flexible expansion options
  • Cost-effective realization of SAP Fiori Apps to extend the SAP suite .

Innovation with business context

  • Fast, efficient use and processing of data through centralization of applications, services, and data sources 
  • Better extensibility and maintainability 
  • Leverage new technologies such as AI, Blockchain, Big Data and RPA through pre-built services without costly infrastructure procurement or in-house programming 
  • Numerous integration scenarios
  • Realization of new business models for your business - also for non-SAP users .

SAP Integration Suite: Provides functions and services that connect applications, processes, people, and devices. As the integration layer of the SAP Business Technology Platform, it simplifies integration and harmonizes processes.

SAP Extension Suite: Provides functions and services to simplify application development and extension. As an extension layer for SAP Business Technology Platform, it helps customers achieve immediate value with less risk. 

The SAP BTP as a product enhancement platform

The four core areas of SAP BTP enable the centralized integration of applications and extensions into your enterprise landscape.

The infrastructure (IaaS) for the services and solutions can be provided by different hyperscalers.
The multi-cloud foundation supports environments such as Cloud Foundry, ABAP, and Kyma, plus several different regions and a wide range of programming languages. 

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