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Warranty on a new level

An application for the cross-system warranty process

Service optimization by managing the warranty process centrally with backend integration

A machine reports a fault or is no longer operational, the customer or dealer reports a warranty case - and now?

Now a number of things have to be checked:

  • when did the damage occur
  • Has a similar problem already occurred with this machine?
  • is there a warranty claim for the reported damage and at that time
  • own warranty or through a third party
  • When are the spare parts available / how long does it take to procure/produce them?
  • location of the machine
  • does a service technician have to be commissioned or can the machine be repaired by the customer's own staff?
  • which conditions apply to this customer or dealer

With our solution, you can centrally view contracts, spare parts, availabilities, conditions, suppliers, photos and videos and much more, and carry out the entire process in a transparent and user-friendly manner for both the end customer / dealer and your specialist department.

Process and cost optimisation through cross-system integration

Whether it's an intercompany process with different backend systems or the integration of supplier interfaces - our application maps the fast and secure connection of all systems relevant to this process with standard interfaces.

You can also integrate your IoT data to carry out further analyses of the cause of damage:
Is there perhaps a need for training at the customer?
Is the machine being operated incorrectly on a permanent basis?
Is there increased material wear due to external influences?
Is the reported machine really the machine with the damage?

Better communication through chat function

Communication is the key to the fast and smooth handling of an end customer/trader process.

We solve this central problem with our integrated chat function. You have the possibility to clarify questions with the applicant's contact person in a live chat or to inform him automatically by
e-mail about your message in the portal.

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